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Helmets That You Can Rely On: Titanium Performance, Comfort and Flexibility

ULBRICHTS helmets have been vigorously tested and proven to halt rifle and hand gun ammunition, preventing lethal head traumas and revolutionising the protective head gear market.

ULBRICHTS safety helmets are intelligently designed to safeguard against ammunition  impact by utilising the maximum protection surface area to achieve the lowest possible trauma. Composed of all titanium or titanium composite, ULBRICHTS helmets meet the requirements of the Europe-wide recognised Association of Test Centres for Impact-Resistant Materials and Structures and is considered fit for use by the protective services.

Depending on model and design, the ULBRICHTS helmet can reliably stop projectiles of different types of weapons, calibres and ammunition. Impressively, ULBRICHTS are the first manufacturer in the world to offer lightweight and effective protection against the bullets from a Kalashnikov assault rifle. ULBRICHTS offers modality in the design of each helmet to the occupants specificity; such as configuring with the VPAM-6 forehead shield ‘FORTIS’, the contemporary VPAM-6 visor and additional add-on’s such as night-vision, light or communication accessories.

The ULBRICHTS helmet is designed to adapt to accurately fit its occupant to work to maximum effect. The quick-size system, a rotary knob fixed externally to the back of the helmet, adapts the inner circumference of the helmet to ensure the best possible fit. The quick-size feature may be operated within a matter of seconds and is adaptable to any head size circumference between 48 and 62 centimetres.

Professional service workers deserve the best protection, and therefore; the protection of the head must be given the upmost consideration. In times of ever-changing tactics and deployment scenarios, the ULBRICHTS helmet is an investment in personal security. These lightweight and effective helmets ensure that you can concentrate entirely on one thing: your mission.

For more information on ULBRICHTS safety solutions, please contact us, or learn more on their website, here.

To watch active lab testing video footage of the ULBRICHTS helmet, visit their YouTube Channel, here.

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